Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society - Jean Sampson Scott Greater New York Chapter
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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jean Sampson Scott Greater New York Chapter of the Afro-American
Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS-NY) is to foster the study of African-ancestored family history and genealogy by teaching research methodologies, creating a network of persons with similar interests, and disseminating information throughout the broader community.


We received our charter from the Washington, D.C.-based national organization in 1989.  One year later, member Jean Sampson Scott passed away. Mrs. Scott was an author, educator, lecturer, genealogist, and founding member of national and local organizations. In recognition of her many contributions, the chapter is now known as the Jean Sampson Scott Greater New York Chapter (AAHGS-NY). It is one of 37 chapters nationwide, each receiving non-profit, tax-exempt status under the group exemption provided by the national organization.

At its inception, eighteen creative individuals had a vision for a unique organization. By signing the charter, they committed themselves to learning, teaching, discussing, researching, writing, and exchanging views related to genealogy, family history, and the African American experience – as conveyed in the legacies, cultures, lifestyles, and histories of centuries of African-ancestored people. The experiences and lessons learned by AAHGS-NY pioneers gave the organization a strong foundation on which to build. The Board of directors and operational and regional committees support the chapter's programs and activities.


Operating Year: January - December 2024

President: Ms. Stacey Bell
1st Vice President: Ms. Cassaundra Williams-Anderson
2nd Vice President: Mr. Anthony B. Cochran
Recording Secretary: Ms. Oceana James
Corresponding Secretary: Ms. Yvonne Milliner
Assistant Treasurer: Dr. Stanton F. Biddle
Immediate Past President: Ms. Sharon E. Wilkins
Treasurer: Ms. Brenda Fountaine
Committee/Group Chairs
By-Laws: Dr. Doris C. Withers
Caribbean: Dr. Constance A. Graham
Carolinas: Ms. Stacey Bell
DNA: Dr. Doris C. Withers
Finance: Ms. Deborah Robinson
Fundraising: Vacant
Genealogy: Ms. Ernestine Fitzgerald
Hospitality: Ms. Peggy A. Clarke
Membership: Ms. Lynne Huggins Smith
Mid-Atlantic: Ms. Ernestine Fitzgerald
Newsletter Editor: Mr. Anthony B. Cochran
Other Southern States: Ms. Ruth B. Utley
PR and Publicity: Ms. Tasia Cox
Program: Ms. Ruth B. Utley
Technology, Co-Chair: Ms. Michelle White
Technology, Co-Chair: Ms. Deborah Robinson
Writers Group: Ms. Paula Wynter